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  • ΣΤΑγονόμετρο ΑΡΚΑΣ
  • ΣΤΑγονόμετρο ΑΡΚΑΣ

ΣΤΑγονόμετρο ΑΡΚΑΣ

Highest polyphenols concentrate for medicinal use, "olympia" variety

A 200ml bottle with a dropper.


This version of the product is the most special and important variety of olive oil we can produce. Its name is Olympia and according to research of recent years it is not a simple category of olive oil. It is a kind of multidimensional superfood with an important and beneficial character in terms of human health. Its use is very different from the other ranges of our olive oils, for this reason we see it in a very different packaging. For the creation of the specific product, specific steps are followed reverently, from the way the fruit is harvested to the point of its processing.


The harvest of the fruit starts much earlier, when the fruit is still unripe, so that we gain all these beneficial substances for our body to a much greater degree than we will find them in our previous packages. After the fruit is stored for a few hours in large pallet boxes, the processing begins, which is undertaken by the experienced and properly trained staff of our factory to have the desired results.


The most well-known method of processing is that of cold pressing in combination with some other methods, which we follow to properly produce this product with its medicinal properties. After the product is processed, it undergoes a taste and visual inspection by a certified partner of our company. This is to confirm the success of our goal, which is none other than the creation of a polyphenolic olive oil, with high indexes of oleasin and olive oil. This of course is confirmed by the certified team of the World Olive Center for Healthy.


Finally, after the inspections have been completed and we have received the accreditations, we start bottling and then distributing them to specific sales, who will be able to support this particular product. For the correct pharmaceutical use of the product, our company has started discussions with interested pharmaceutical companies.

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