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Operating from 1972

The oil mill of the Christodoulopoulou family has been operating since 1972 until today, counting several years and many years of experience in the field of Olive Oil production. Its beginning came from our grandfather Giannis, together with his three brothers, through hard work and determination. After several years and various achievements in our field, the olive mill was established in the mountainous Arcadia region, specifically in the village of Dafni. Then it passed into the hands of sons Kostas and Dimitris, who continue with the same values, principles and knowledge they got from their father and develop in the olive oil sector. 

In 2009, a complete reconstruction of our building and mechanical infrastructure took place. 

Our many years of experience in the production of extra virgin olive oil always gives us the result we expect. That is, quality and therefore healthy oil. 

Through the production method, which has been applied by our olive mill for several years, we succeed and achieve our high-quality products, of high nutritional value. 

The new data available for the olive oil we produce are pleasing and very encouraging, regarding the unique characteristics of our olive oil. After studies carried out by the scientific team of Mr. Mayatis, in collaboration with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and also with the University of California, the following was proven:

  • Our polyphenolic olive oil has antioxidant and beneficial properties for the human body.

  • The two substances that give beneficial effects to our body are oleasin and oleocanthal and are in high concentration in our Olive Oil. 

  • Olive oil, which is rich in oleocanthal, through its regular consumption, has the effect of reducing the accumulation of blood platelets, reducing possible cardiac problems and reducing cholesterol. 

  • Although the research is still in its early stages, so far it proves that it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer's. 

The effect on platelet aggregation is strongly linked to the inhibition of specific enzymes involved in the inflammation process. Therefore the change in the aggregation of blood platelets and the consequent cardiovascular protection depends not on what we knew until now (total phenols) but on the precise phenolic composition of each olive oil. 

The studies, and all the details of the current academic research foundings can be found here (in English). 

According to the researchers led by Agnieszka Filipek, it shows us, for the first time, that oleasin inhibits the formation of foam cells in macrophages derived from human monocytes and thus can be a valuable tool for the prevention of early and advanced atherosclerotic lesions. 

The varieties of olive oil we have are three, the koroneiki, the ladolia and finally the organic olive oil, produced by some of our producers. For the proper preservation of organic olive oil, we use certified tanks. Our olive oil is kept in tanks sealed with nitrogen. One of the special features of our product is its intense aroma and slightly spicy taste. These characteristics are only noticeable in olive oils of high nutritional value. 


  • Our premises are ISO 22000 2018 certified.

  • We have a certain amount of olive oil produced from centuries-old olives, e.g. 300 years old.

  • Our facilities will be open to our customers.

  • We offer high quality olive oil products to our customers, respecting nature and our history We

  • focus on the unique combination of tradition and technology 

  • Our heritage is more than history. It's our way of life.

  • Evangelists of the properties and benefits of high polyphenol olive oil.


Offer high quality Olive Oil products in our customers with respect to nature and our history

We focus on the ideal combination between tradition and technology

Our heritage is something more than history. It is our way of life.

Evangelists of the attributes and benefits of high in Polyphenol Olive Oil


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