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A millenial old friend of humanity

Olive oil is a basic product, which exists in every Greek home and household. It can not be missing from the Mediterranean diet and is the most important ingredient in the foods we eat. We use it in every food that comes to our table and it is what gives flavor to even the simplest. It is not missing from any family table, even if we do not see it.

Its form is often not obvious to everyone, however we understand it in taste. At a table we will find the oil in the salad, in a more lively form, while we will also taste it in the cooked food. And although it is not always perceived by everyone its beneficial abilities are evident in our health.

The Christodoulopoulos family's mill has been in the field of olive oil production since 1972. This long-term involvement in the production of one of the quality olive oils in the country, gives us the privilege of many years of experience in the field.
The olive oil that we have the ability to produce is one of the highest quality and most important products that our country has. Its utilization does not stop only in food but has a wider range. That is, it has many different uses that can improve both the human diet and his health.

These characteristics that make it different and deeply qualitative, are based on a specific study by Mr. Prokopis Magiatis, Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Athens. The substances that differentiate our product from other olive oils on the market are the polyphenols present in the oil, for which many studies have been done.

Polyphenols are a mixture of antioxidants derived from olive fruit and found in extra virgin olive oil. There are many different types of phenol and each category is worth studying. Each phenol has its own beneficial substances and each is responsible for different functions. Phenols are important for the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine (sterols), for the elimination of cholesterol from the body (terpene alcohols) and even for our vision (B-carotene). They also have the ability to fight diseases related to the heart, blood pressure, strokes and even some cancers.

Olive oil, therefore, in addition to its special taste and its importance in proper nutrition is also a safe and easy way to protect our health. Its beneficial substances are important both for the treatment of the above diseases and for their prevention.
Extra virgin olive oil is a superior quality oil which comes and is produced directly from the olive fruit and only by mechanical methods. The reason that extra virgin olive oil is of a higher category than plain virgin olive oil is its acid content.

The history of Olive oil & our promise

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